About Us

Greetings!  Here you can find comics featuring Classic Horror Stories, some Fantasy, and Dinosaurs.  In our Horror section, we feature a comic called An Abhorrent Anthology of Great Ghastly Horror!  (or AAAGGH! for short)   AAAGGH! will feature classic tales from authors such as HP Lovecraft, Robert E Howard, EF Benson, Bram Stoker, and many more.  Stories are introduced by our host- The Curator!  


In our Fantasy Lineup, we have Tales from the World of Kel, with stories written by my brother Chad .  Kel has been described this way- Imagine if Conan the Barbarian and The Princess Bride had a baby in Narnia.  He’s been developing this world for some time and has a short story and a novel out at the time of this writing, and now, comics!


Finally, I love Dinosaurs.  When I have time, I will also do one off dinosaur themed comics about whatever I feel like.  These will be written by me, unless otherwise noted.  Please enjoy your visit!